attack of the mommy brain


*This post was printed in my Mommy Musings column in the Cedar Park Citizen today.*

Pregnancy books warn you that you may become more forgetful while your bun is in the oven. This is the understatement of the century. What they should say, but don’t because they don’t want to alarm you, is that you will become incredibly forgetful during pregnancy, it only gets worse with subsequent pregnancies, and just because you pop the baby out, doesn’t mean your brain will return to its normal functioning state.

It sneaks up on you slowly. When I was pregnant with baby #1, I would often (and by often I mean several times a day) make the short trek to my boss’ office only to turn around in his doorway because I had lost my train of thought in the twenty feet between my desk and his. I would go back to my desk and search for clues as to why I had needed to talk to him. I’m fairly certain my boss wondered if I had lied on my resume, because there is no way someone this clueless would even know how to write a resume, let alone achieve any of the things listed on it. By the time I was at the end of my third trimester, I could barely remember my own address and phone number.

It only gets worse after you have the baby and you’re ridiculously sleep-deprived. We’ve all seen that mom in the grocery store who can’t remember her own kids’ names, and thought, “That’ll never be me!” But by the time you have 2 kids, 2 cats, and 1 husband (if you also have 2 husbands, you have bigger problems!), you will go through every name before getting to the right one: “Na-, Ev-, Ter-, Do-, Rojo, get off of the kitchen table!” It’s not because you don’t love your kids, or that you don’t know the difference between a girl and a boy or a child and an animal, it’s that your brain simply doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Since having baby #2, things have only gotten worse. If I don’t write down everything on a list, I will forget it needs to be done or bought at the store. I often can’t remember if I’ve said something out loud or only in my head and I have to ask, “Did I already say that out loud?” My husband just gives me “the look”, and I know I must have repeated myself. Nearly every conversation I have now contains the phrases, “Wait, what was I talking about?” or “Have I already told you this?”

I’ve read studies (luckily, I do still know how to read) that show that having kids actually makes you smarter, but I’m still waiting for that to kick in. Now, what was I talking about again?

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