the short version

In 1984, I was brought into the world, 4 years after my sister, Laura. I spent the next 25 years (and counting) trying to be just like her. From 1991-1994, I followed her and her friends around everywhere. From 1995-1998, I followed her and her boyfriend (now husband) around everywhere. From 1999-2000, I sent her letters while she way away at Texas Tech and told her she was crazy for going to school in Lubbock. In 2000, I met my boyfriend (now husband) and couldn’t care less what anyone else in the world was doing.

In 2001, my sister married her high school sweetheart at the age of 21. I told her she was too young to get married. In 2003, my sister had her first baby at the age of 23. I told her she was too young to have babies when I found out she was pregnant. In 2005, she had her second baby and I told her she was crazy to have her kids only 19 months apart. When she left her teaching job in 2006, I told her how boring I thought it would be to be a stay-at-home mom. In 2007, she had her third kid and I was ecstatic that we were pregnant at the same time (and also thought she was a little crazy to have 3 kids under 4).

In 2005, I married my high school sweetheart, Terry, at the age of 21. We both graduated from Texas Tech (loved it!) that same year. In 2007, we had our son, Nate, at the age of 23. Eighteen months later, we had our daughter, Evie. I stay home with our kids (and I love it!). In case you’re keeping track, I do everything my sister does, only 4 years later.

(Except for that 3 kids under 4 thing, cause that really IS crazy! Although there is still time to continue the trend… Just kidding. Maybe.)