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things I am thankful for


...............................those people that i love the mostest................................

  1. Naptime- I’m not sure there’s much need for an explanation on this one. Mommy time makes me a better Mommy.
  2. The internet- Between Facebook, Twitter, and Mommyblogs, I have every answer to every question I’ll ever need answered about parenting. There’s always a story out there that affirms that you are not doing everything wrong and that other moms have the same struggles that you do. Of course there are a few perfect parents out there who talk about the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables their kids get everyday (complete with pictures), and the creative art projects they do everyday with their kids, but we won’t talk about them.
  3. Mommy attachment- There’s something wonderful about seeing your baby’s excitement when she sees you. Even though you were only gone a few hours, she kicks her little legs and giggles at first sight of you. That feeling goes away after she refuses to let you put her down 2 hours later.
  4. My crock-pot- Do you realize how amazingly awesome it is to throw 4 ingredients into a crock-pot and have a delicious dinner 6 hours later? A dinner that everyone in your family will eat? If you don’t regularly use your crock-pot, you’re doing it wrong.
  5. My friends- They help me get the kids and groceries in the car when it’s pouring rain. They make sure my toddler doesn’t run off when I look away for a second. Best of all, they keep me from going crazy from no adult interaction and can empathize with every challenge and joy, no matter how big or small.
  6. Library story time and Sesame Street- I’m pretty sure everything my kids know came from one of these two places. Sometimes that makes me feel useless. Other times it’s a big relief. I’m hoping Sesame Street will advance with my children so that I never have to help them with their calculus homework.
  7. Grandmas- On those days when you’ve had enough whining or didn’t get enough sleep because of your newborn baby, Grandmas are there to rescue you. If you don’t have one living nearby, I suggest you reconcile that immediately.
  8. Husbands- I only have one, but I am thankful for all of the ones I know. After a long day of work, they are willing to crawl around the house or play airplane with the kids on the bed. They offer to get up with the baby at night or the kids in the morning to give you some extra sleep. Trust me, we need it.
  9. Showers- The second best time of day is taking a shower (naptime probably takes first). Why? Because this is the only time you are ever ALONE (yes, kids even follow you when you go to the bathroom).
  10. My kids growing up- This one may seem odd, since most people think their children are growing up too fast. While I do agree with this sentiment, I also think the more sleep, less crying, and fewer diapers at our house is most certainly a good thing.

      in which i admit how many pregnancy tests i’ve taken


      I had a baby almost 9 months ago. I’ve been convinced I’m pregnant nearly every month since then, even though 4 negative home pregnancy tests say otherwise. Those things aren’t always right, you know. Sometimes they give false negatives.

      Let’s look at the symptoms. I’m exhausted. A definite sign of early pregnancy. You might say it has something to do with having 2 kids 2 and under, one of which has only been sleeping through the night for about a month and the other who has decided to stop sleeping through the night since his sister started giving us a break. But, you might be wrong.

      I’m also peeing. A lot. Like, even in the middle of the night. Also a good indicator that you have a bun in the oven. You might say it has something to do with all that water I’ve been drinking given the 8 million days of 100+ degree weather we’ve had. But, you might be wrong.

      About 3 out of the 9 months since I had Evie, I was terribly nauseous. Hello, morning sickness much?! I went to a doctor, after getting another negative sign on another home pregnancy test, and she said I had gastritis from stress and eating poorly. Whatever. Doctors are wrong, like, all the time. Greasy cheeseburgers and gallons of Dr. Pepper are totally fine.

      I also haven’t been visited by my Aunt Flow in about 5 months. You’re probably looking at me now and thinking, “But, Sara, didn’t you have one of those IUDs put in in January? And don’t those sometimes let your Aunt Flow go on vacation? And aren’t they like 99.9% effective?” Those are all valid points, but it IS possible. Just ask Jaime about her 3rd baby. And before you get all, “Isn’t it a GOOD thing that you haven’t had a visit from that annoying Aunt??”, let me just tell you, just because she’s not physically visiting me, she’s still sending me postcards in the form of cramps and migraines.

      The past 3 days I’ve been having terrible cramps. Like stop in the middle of what you’re doing and grab your abdomen terrible. So I went to the doctor this morning. I thought for sure this kind of pain meant I was pregnant, and it hurt because I have an IUD and my uterus is all, “You’re not allowed to have a foreign object in here while I’m housing a baby! Hellooooo?!” The doctor ordered a sonogram to check for ovarian cysts, which it turns out I have. I also got a pretty good look at my uterus and didn’t see anything but emptiness. But, you know, those images aren’t very clear and half the time when they were taking pictures of my other two babies, I had no clue what they were looking at. Surely the sonographer would have said something, but maybe she isn’t allowed to tell patients things like that. The doctors might get mad. You never know.

      Ok, so maybe there is some compelling evidence against the possibility that I am with child. And we are definitely not ready for a 3rd kid. We’re pretty sure we never will be (more on that later), at least not on purpose.

      does a body (and a budget) good


      It all started 6 months ago when Terry decided he wanted to lose weight.  He wanted to be a healthier Dad for Nate and baby #2.  I was about 7 months prego at the time, so I often ate ice cream while he did his nightly workouts.  At lunch one day, the waiter tried to give the huge plate of food to Terry and the lighter portion to me.  I quickly corrected him- a pregnant gal has got to eat!  Terry lost about 15 pounds by the time Evie was born.

      About 3 weeks post-partum, I was amazingly back to my pre-pregnancy weight (something that took about 6 months with Nate), although my shape was completely different.  Then, Christmas and New Year’s came and left an extra 8 pounds around my midsection.  A little over 3 weeks ago, I decided it was time to do something about it.  For the first week or so, I half-heartedly tried to drink less Dr. Pepper and stop eating dessert every night.

      Then, I decided I should try to track my calories.  If you’re cool and have an iPhone, you can use this program called Lose It!  If you’re me, you can use this awesome website- The Daily Plate, part of the website.  I tracked my calories, went over my goal most days, and of course, didn’t lose any weight.  Then, I got more serious when I entered into one of the many dares the website gives its users.  For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been tracking calories and coming in at or under my goal.  Subsequently, I’ve lost about 5 pounds. (yay, me!)

      (insert clever segue here)

      Terry and I have often lament that we should stop eating out so much.  It takes its toll on our bank account and our bellies.  We finally decided to get serious and try to not eat out for an entire month.  Of course, everyone we told was skeptical that we could do it. Our friends, the Meezys, were so skeptical that they placed a friendly wager on it.  You can see the terms in Terry’s post here.

      Here’s our plan of attack for winning the bet:

      1. We ate out as much as we could at the end of February. I mean, like, every meal, every day, for the last week.  I was hoping to make the thought of eating out gross.  So far, it’s working, but it’s only been 3 days.
      2. We usually go downtown to have lunch with Terry once or twice a week.  Luckily, Terry works right next to Zilker Park and the weather has been beautiful recently, so we’re planning on having a picnic lunch instead of our usual lunch date.
      3. We’re planning meals that we love.  I always plan the week’s meals before grocery shopping – it just makes sense.  But I’d usually have one or two nights a week planned that weren’t dishes we both loved where we could easily be talked into going out instead.  We’re having some sort of steak every week this month. Yum.
      4. We’re also planning meals that sound exciting to make.  We both love cooking (when it’s the right meal) and actually wanting to cook every night makes us less likely to want to go out.
      5. We really don’t like losing.

      But, even if we do lose in some capacity, we still win at life because they money goes to charity.  Wish us luck!